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Dry agricultural products

Pepper is a creeper, long body, a smooth non-hairy, cling to other plants by the roots. When ripe, the whole bunch of fruit will be off from the tree. Fruits are Small, spherical, about 20-30 fruits per cluster, at first it’s green, then yellow, red when ripe. From this result, we can harvest white pepper, red pepper, green pepper and black pepper. Body trees are very brittle, as if not carefully transporting, the plant may die. The fruit has a single seed.

Cashews: help to lower bad cholesterol: Cashews are rich in fat. That may be the reason make people to avoid eating too much because they think it is harmful to health. But nutritionist Neha Chandna (India) stressed that cashews have good fats like omega fatty acids and unsaturated fats like oleic acid, very good for health.

Peanut is a plant belonging to the legume family originating in Central and South America. It is an herbaceous species, can grow 30-50 cm in height for one year. After pollination, fruit develops into a 3-7 cm long pod, containing 1-4 seeds, and fruit (bulb) often point to the ground to develop. Peanut contains folic acid which contains a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids help to reduce cholesterol in blood. Moreover, peanuts also contain useful cellulose, a clear role of intestinal waste, does not cause obesity.

Coffee beans
Berries are oval-shaped, fruits grow in clusters, have short stalk. The fruit is green when ripe turn to the red. Fruit will turn into deep- black red if ripen so long. It takes 7- 9 months (arabica) and 9- 10 months (robusta) for berries to be matured (harvestable). Normally a berry has two seeds. They are surrounded by the pulp layer coated on the outside. Two seeds close together, separated by a flat wall. Outer flesh layer grows along the arc. Today, coffee is one of the globally popular drinks.

Rice: is one of the five major food crops of the world. Rice contains: Carbohydrate: this is the necessary nutrients for all human activities Protein: The protein value in use of rice is 63, while dolua wheat and corn 49 36 respectively. Vitamin:cũng như các loại ngũ cốc khác, gạo không chứa các vitamin A,C hay D nhưngtrong gạo vitamin B, vitamin E chiếm tỷ lệ lớn nhất khoảng 95%. Gạo ít chất kẽm và nhiều chất khoáng cần thiết cho cơ thể: Mg,P,K,Ca Vitamins: like other grains, rice does not contain vitamin A, C or D but vitamins B, vitamin E as the largest proportion of about 95%. Rice has less zinc and essential minerals for the body: Mg, P, K, Ca Vitamin B1: the nutritional elements that help digest sugar intake of body, so it's good support for nerve cells, heart and taste. Because vitamin isn’t stored in the body so long, you should eat rice daily. Riboflavin: the necessary nutrients for the body to produce energy and nourish skin and eyes. VitaminE: là yếu tố giúp tan mỡ, giúp vitamin A chống oxy hóa trong tế bào da. Niacin: is an important factor for the skin and the nervous system is always under control. Vitamins E: help to solute fat, help vitamin A for antioxidant in the skin cells.

Bird's eye chili
Bird's eye chili is perennial, small body, small oblong fruit, usually grow in clusters 2, 3 left burning. This chili is usually red, somes yellow and others purple or black. This chilli is Very spicy. Flowers are blue- white or gold-white. Chilli is a spice commonly used to make attractive spicy. There are many addicts can not eat without chili. Moderate eating of chili help to stimulate digestion and enhance appetizer. Chili can also be considered a vegetable because it contains a lot of vitamin C, carotene, fiber ... Chili, despite strong pungency, is one of the very popular spice known for their benefits in medical and health.

Acuminatum chili
Acuminatum chili is green, when fully ripe, it has red color. It’s usually planted during the rainy season. Acuminatum chili is not as spicy as Bird’s eye, it’s longer and round, colorful and spicy as pepper.

Yellow Turmeric
Yellow Turmeric: Containing high active ingredient of curcumin, pure crystal turmeric powder is extracted from fresh turmeric has many good uses for health, healing and beauty. Curcumin in turmeric have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial effect. Thanks to this characteristic that has effective support in many diseases treatment and protecting human health. It helps to prevent and treat diseases of the stomach, duodenum, liver and diseases related to immune system such as arthritis, body inflammation.... Besides, it against skin diseases such as psoriasis, erythema, blemishes and diseases related to the nervous system such as memory loss, dementia, Parkinson disease, depression, the headache problems.